Surat Lignite Power Plant (Unit 1 & 2)


Capacity 250 MW
Type Lignite based Power Plant
Fuel Lignite Coal
Fuel Source Lignite as fuel from captive mine
Plant Configuration 2X125 MW with Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion (CFBC) Boilers and STGs
Commissioned In November, 1999
Status Independent Power Producer (IPP) - Supplies power to GUVNL through Power Purchase Agreement
Location Village Nani Naroli, Mangrol Taluka, Surat -394110   , Gujarat, India
Principle Of CFBC Technology (What is CFBC?)

GIPCL-SLPP has set-up 2 X 125 MW CFBC units at Mangrol, Surat. This CFBC technology utilizes the fluidized bed principle in which crushed lignite of around 10 mm size along with limestone (Powder) as sorbent are injected into the combustor. The particles are suspended in a stream of upwardly flowing air, which enters the bottom of the furnace through air distribution nozzles. The fluidizing velocity in circulating bed ranges from 4-7 m/s. The balance of combustion air is admitted above the bottom of furnace as secondary air. The firing temperature in combustor is maintained at around 850°C. Low combustion temperatures keep the thermally generated NOx under control while the SOx emissions are controlled by adding limestone. Limestone helps in retaining the sulphur present in fuel in form of calcium sulphate which is removed in solid form along with ash. CFBC boilers can burn wide variety of fuels having low quality, high ash & moisture content and low calorific value. Thus CFBC boiler is rightly called as eco-friendly boiler from environmental angle.

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